My name is Robin and I am a creative artist, with a passion for all forms of visual art. I love graphic design, concept art, animation, children’s illustrations, dark twisted universes and neo-gothic surreal art. I spend a great deal of time making unique colourful dreamscapes, interesting characters, and fun children’s stories. I am a big fan of graffiti, especially when combined with computer arts.

I have been an English teacher for a number of years, and believe that fun illustrative stories, colourful characters, crafting activities, board games, and animation with songs and dance, are the key to a young learners success. I am always creating new artwork, and illustrations as part of my creative process.

I am an introvert and often think about alien life and philosophy.

Artistic Method

I see myself as a highly motivated creative artist, who makes colourful artwork. I am always immersed in art, and try to work on at least one piece of art a day, depending on my mood and feeling.

I experiment with traditional and modern methods to create painterly impressionistic and graffiti stylized works. Sometimes I work heavily with science fiction and environments as I find it difficult to stay with one style of art. I use many different styles in order to create a mixture between traditional practices and modern.

Usually I start a piece by playing with photo bashing, shapes or colours until something appealing starts to form, and from there I add more detail. A blob of paint on a white background can instantly show forms like body parts or buildings. I employ a system of sketching, but sometimes it is purely throwing colours, shapes and images together to cause natural form, almost like collages. Experimenting on a blank canvas and creating abstractions is just like a kid playing with paint, and it is a fundamental process in my personal artistic development. When I create something specific I usually place the idea loosely in my mind and start with abstraction before refining the final work with more visible line-work, colouring, and form. I love the warp tool, perhaps a bit too much. One of my favorite styles is textured vector illustration and the use of graffiti in children’s illustration.

Combining different textures such as plastic and cloth with other brushes is a heavy focus in many of my pieces. On the one hand I want to create, glossy, fun illustrative art. Then on the other hand I want to make dark grungy oil painted environments, scenes and characters.


There is no limit to the amount of artistic influence. I adore looking at all kinds of artwork especially unique creations with either traditional or digital media. I think the most fascinating artworks are dull oil paintings, impressionistic, with subtly vibrant colours. Another fascination of mine is the macabre and disturbing universe of hyper surrealism. Anything that captures an environmental scene with earthy tones and subtle shading is an absolute favorite. I would see myself as having been influenced by an endless selection of artists from both ends of the digital and traditional spectrum.

I started getting into art and design while exploring the Internet as a teenager, and at college. For many years I wanted to be a graphic designer or web developer, but I find programming uninteresting and tedious. However, I find all forms of art amazing. I try to do a lot of different styles and painterly techniques. I create atmospheric art and other things like pet portraits, so I am always open to different ideas.

I am influenced and inspired by so many styles. From abstract and impressionism to street graffiti and architecture. Most of my inspiration is from the world around me, children’s illustrations, computer games, and animated cartoons.

Honestly speaking, I love the fantasy world, dark and horrific. Anything with monsters, demons or psychological adventuring is of massive appeal to me. I am quite a fan of cyberpunk, bio-mechanical, steampunk and a lot of the other grunge genres.

To name but a few: Bogielicious, Giovanni Boldini, Heironymous Bosch, Greg Darroll - Tokyo Go Go, Salvador Dali, Richard Dadd, LimKis, Bobs Made, Turbo Milk, Beksinski, Poumeyrol, Jon Mccoy, Kandinsky, Antonio Sant’Elia, Franquin.

Inspirational artists are everywhere and inspiration in our universe is too. Art is subjective, but the pieces that make me go wow tend to be things with a lot going on, strong contrast, powerful colour palettes or conversely dull colour palettes. Art with a story to tell, something strange or just really technically skillful. I will be honest though, I am not a huge fan of photorealism, it's a technically amazing style, but in my opinion, it might as well just be a photograph.

Favorite films: In Bruges, Coraline, Black Death, The Big Lebowski, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Her, Truman Show, Coffee Town, Castaway on the Moon, 9, Fight Club, Matrix, The Orphanage.

Favorite music: Electronic, Classical, Upbeat Jazz, Bass, Synth, Techno, Orchestral and atmospheric instrumentals. (I love instrumentals, not a huge fan of singing)

I do hope that you like my artwork. You're welcome to come and have a chat if you want to. I'm always available.