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If you are interested in publishing any of my books, or want to discuss art direction for your project, please let me know. Graphic design, illustrative art and creative artworks are my passion. The colourful styles, and subject matter is fairly unique amongst artists. I avoid political content or anything overtly rude. I would consider these subjects for work, although I try to keep offensive material down to toilet humor, poop and snot, which kids find hilarious.


Design Ideas - Illustration - May 2016
Beans English Alphabet

Revolution Art - Issue 36 - June 2012
REVOLUTIONART International Magazine - Issue 36 - WATER

Lokaltidningen Kävlinge - August 2012
Digital Artist i Kävlinge

Skånskan - Feburary 2011
Vikingar Intar Biblioteket

Digital Artist - Issue 4 - February 2010
Small segment about using Illustrator with some of my work.