Always AiYa

A series of animated stickers about the struggles of daily life.

In Chinese AiYa means ouch, and people say it about anything that happens.
It is almost used as a greeting!

"Everything in life is a pain!
Falling over, no money,
hongbao's with nothing in it,
heavy bags, giant egg shaped pills
and tonnes of paper work! AiYa!"

Begging Pill Popping Stressed Empty HongBao Angry Fire Breath Sleeping Scared by Insects 1 Fish Escaping No Money Heart Broken Heavy Game Over Slip Punched Scared by Insects 2 Puncture

Ghost Girl

Animated stickers about a girl and her pet ghost.

A cute but scary,
lovely and cheery,
ghost who is eerie,
and sometimes quite teary.

Her pet is a ghost,
can you believe it?
They eat and they drink,
and they toast.

Cuddles Shouting Kisses Dancing Where are you? Hey! Brushing Sleeping Eating Red Packet No Possession Hiding OK I R GHOST Drink