Wrapped Bunch - August 11th, 2018

I’ve always loved flowers and how they sit within our consciousness. They evoke a loving and caring side to human nature. Painting flowers is something that I quite enjoy. The paintings I do of flowers aren’t necessarily ‘real’ as such, but they still feel like something that exists.

I guess there are a few problems with this painting that I could work on if I carried on painting it. I don’t particularly like the background, you could see me working on it for a while, the pissy yellow is a bit weak, but it is a warm colour, so I am unsure. I also wanted to put some back shadow or mirroring, but it looked too distracting from the main bunch, so i didn’t bother in the end. I did play with the idea in my mind of having them reflected against a table, but I decided against it in the end and went for the flowers as is.