#6 Quapael - April 6th, 2021

#6 Quapael is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“A sun reflector for Earth? Scientists explore the potential risks and benefits by Graduate Center, CUNY – April 5 2021”

As the brightest star shines things were good for the isolated Quapael, with bountiful harvests and output. After an era of high-tech development, research and success, their sun brightens with no detected reason other than theories of solar ascension and cosmic maturity. Academics question whether it would affect things, and indeed it did. The seasons change, the harvests suffer, and society stalls. An agreed decision is made to block the sun and harness it’s energy in a half-crescent Dyson sphere. After successive generations seasons are mimicked indoors with a new synthetic norm, and evolution starts to unravel dark unwanted changes. With no need for natural light, blindness and malformations slowly creep into future generations. The power of eternal energy was the dream of the Quapael and it was achieved, but it cost them their most precious gift of sight.

#6 Quapael – Mintable Listing