#14 Stokhi - April 13th, 2021

#14 Stokhi is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“What are the best ways to search for technosignatures? – April 09, 2021”

It is but a needle in a haystack. At least that’s what it’s like for the Stokhi after disconnecting from their own kind hundreds of years ago. A simple relocation to a newly discovered planet was the goal, but a mysterious and cataclysmically sharp, forceful mega-blast caused their home-world to crack and their population to split in two. Now the situation has become so bleak for the remaining survivors that they are forced in vain to continue transmissions across empty swathes of cosmic space to find their brothers, as stories and folk-tales passed down tell of their dearly departed family. A highly adaptable race of electronic engineers in an ever increasing and hopeless search for lost loved ones.

#14 Stokhi – Mintable Listing