#15 Pixiomn - April 14th, 2021

#15 Pixiomn is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“Shedding more light on molecules linked to life on other planets – April 9th 2021”

In the darkest depths of a megasphere live the Pixiomn. A race of large, calm creatures that float magnificently in space thinking of their next encounter with a friend. They have no focus on reproduction as they are an asexual species that spawn before death. Capable of telekinesis and telepathy, these creatures manipulate the land with thought and foresight. Their sight often allow them to see into their future and the futures of countless unseen people throughout the universe. Some are maddened by visions of pain and suffering. A very intelligent race that has abandoned all use of technology in favour of purity.

#15 Pixiomn – Mintable Listing