#19 Qulohmn - May 2nd, 2021

#19 Qulohmn is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“Dark Matter “Wake” in the Milky Way’s Outer Reaches, April 28, 2021″

A ghastly looming figure drifts peculiarly slowly through the galactic fog. With a gigantic form and smooth folds of iridescent cloth like skin, the entity known as the Qulohmn approaches. Bursts of supersonic energy and dimly lit toroidal vortices push out constantly. Their purpose is unknown but it is believed to have an effect on all forms of matter, as well as acting like individual feeding creatures. Some say that the Qulohmn have the power of a black-hole hidden inside its belly. Others argue they are not real, but a nightmarish vision of negativity created by all sentient things. One thing is true however; when they tear through a galaxy time stops and waits in anguish for their departure.

#19 Qulohmn – Mintable Listing