#30 Anahel is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“Hubble telescope spies lopsided spiral galaxy deformed by gravity – June 2nd 2021”

The long forgotten heavenly being known as Anahel is considered a fallen angel due to her divine beauty and chromatic texture. She has a grace that cannot be matched by any other creature. An immortal that is haunted by existence itself, and a deity among all fauna. Anahel is blissful and pleasant in all of her interactions and every living entity is content to stay with Anahel as they see her as an equal and a mentor. Once a member of a large population of everlasting beings that were struck down with delirium and death millions of years ago. Without malice Anahel is determined to seek her long lost brethren and social order, if it still exists. So far after years of searching she is unable to find any trace of her species in the material realm, but whispers of other angels draws her gaze from time-to-time.

#30 Anahel – Mintable Listing

* This is a Celestial Quality Painting * (Meaning it has a higher value due to the skill and attachment I have to the artwork.) Basically I am very happy with this painting so I am going to charge more for the sale.