#59 Walking Horror - July 12th, 2021

#59 Walking Horror is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“A deep look at a speck of human brain reveals never-before-seen quirks July 09, 2021.”

This twisted shambling wreck rushes forward with a barren gaze during the evening. It is silent and invisible by day, but colossal and red, with chromatic flecks upon nightfall. The walking horror climbs all manner of structures to find its prey, using highly specialized limbs and senses to detect life through walls. This particular monster is as disgusting as it is unbelievable. It subjugates entire cities now paralyzed by newspaper driven fear. It seeks high ranking nobles and those with wealth. Perhaps a genetically designed killing machine, there is almost nothing to oppose this abomination. Motivated by a hunger to feed on the living, it is believed to crouch down and attach itself to a victims head as it drinks the entire bodily fluid of the poor chosen wretch. As dawn breaks it escapes through the same ventilation shaft that it came through, leaving behind a crumbled blackened husk. This is perhaps the creation of a rival faction having created the perfect demon.

#59 Walking Horror – Mintable Listing

While making this painting, I was looking to create a lurching demonic form that would perhaps walk around a world as an abhorrent creature similar to a monstrous wasp. It kinda worked and I’m happy with the absolute darkness on it.