#60 Xemus Siorr is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“Hubble glimpses a galactic duo, July 11th, 2021”

Xemus Siorr is a nomadic figure wandering through the astral planes seeking out crime and displacement. Offering its own interesting quirky style of trickery and temporal justice. Similar to a dragon, this supernatural visage strikes fear and awe into the hearts of men, but the intentions are always pure and entertaining. Lavish jewels adorn its great beard, like a chandelier glimmering hope to anyone who meets with this god. On Xemus Siorr’s many missions it meets with lost and depraved souls who have perhaps befallen to deception, its mission is to discover the truth, root out evil, and fix the problems caused by liars and cheats. One such quest resulted in a time-shift and an alteration in physics, which restored justice fully, but gave rise to a plethora of dark and twisted universes that bubbled up on the back of this predicament. Leading to a future of even more lies to fix.

“ To approach Xemus is to accept the end.
To embrace Xemus is to revive.
To mock Xemus is to die. ”

#60 Xemus Siorr – Mintable Listing

This is one of my favourite paintings of recent. I adore the dragon-esque looking figure and his beard just sets it off as something interesting. Characters that have multiple spiderlike eyes is also something that sets another tone, so overall this is a really good piece.