#64 Creigh - July 20th, 2021

#64 Creigh is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“Activity discovered on largest comet ever found – July 16th 2021”

Animosity and hostility is felt by individuals like Creigh, as the elite ruling parties scurry to hide assets away from such commoners. While this is happening, everyday folk are trying to earn money by working undesirable jobs, whilst securing a footing in an increasingly difficult financial climate. Creigh is part of a species of arachnoids that possess intricate shell patterns and skin textures that have evolved after centuries of consuming a type of large iridescent glow-fly. Their intelligence is as grandiose as their structural hives, yet their economy is driven by secretive greed. Only the lucky few are able to exist away from such mechanisms as contribution tax, by pursuing self-employment and small family ran crafting workshops. Their purple and blue hue has arisen by low levels of radiation that is emitted by their old and darkened sun.

#64 Creigh – Mintable Listing

This was a lovely painting to make. Initially the process failed and it became a shambled mess, but eventually something formed. This is a usual occurrence, but sometimes it just dies, this time it worked extremely well. (Again almost ascended because of the colour palette and something that just clicked, but i’ve kept it normal quality.)