#65 Biliel Terminus - August 24th, 2021

#65 Biliel Terminus is a psychedelic digital painting based on feelings and interpretation of this news article:

“Traversable wormholes are possible under certain gravity conditions – 23rd of August 2021”

This stoic and lonesome creature travels through time and space using a device known as the Biliel Terminus. A mix between life and death, nature and machine. It’s goal is to find a place to relax and call it’s home, somewhere between light and darkness. Biliel as it has become to be known is a generous soul who is friendly and offers a unique insight into things seen and unseen. A ying-yang of chaos and order is always something on Biliels mind as it reaches further out into the disorder of the the haze. An area of unexplored universe that has no known physics. Its body colour is the most neon green and red mixed with lots of strange patterns and paisley garments. Biliel is truly a marvelous character.

#65 Biliel Terminus – Mintable Listing

I absolutely loved making this painting. I am unsure exactly where it came from, but the greens and his expression are something unique. I was super impressed by the texture in the top right, the bookmark thing just looked great.