Councillor - July 30th, 2018

This is the Councillor. He builds buildings. Not all aliens are  crazy maniacs soullessly killing. In fact, probably none of them are.

Sea Drinker - July 29th, 2018

Just started doing live streaming of my paintings.

More aliens and extraterrestrials to follow, but for now I did a nice picture of a disturbed surreal psychedelic plant drinking the sea. This one will never run out of water. It literally drinks and probably eats everything.

Decline in art submissions - July 28th, 2018

I’ve noticed a decline in people posting artwork to Deviantart, Facebook and Artstation. Maybe the summer months are too warm this year, or perhaps people have moved on, or given up. Some might have had families or changed career paths. I really don’t know. It’s a real shame to see people stopping with their art., Maybe the “industry” in art has lost its appeal, I really don’t know.

Some of my favourite artists haven’t posted since 2014 or even earlier, and that to me indicates they have moved on from art, which is really disappointing.

Here are a few screenshots of really talented artists who have seemingly given in. I can’t find evidence of their continuation on either their own personal sites or any updated progress.

Am I missing a trend ? Do they now work via a different media outlet? I really don’t know.  o/


Cyberpunk Assemblage - November 1st, 2017

I adore weird assemblage. The weirder the better. Anything with wires and tubes going into body parts and strange formations is just wonderful. Having a dark or macabre overtone is also massively delicious to see. Not sure exactly why i’m talking about assemblage like that, but I guess it’s a fairly random style of art anyway.

Recently I made some mandrakes from resin and old plants in glass jars. They were so fun to make. I want to go down the route of cyberpunk now though, because I love that stuff.

Assemblage by it’s very nature should consist of recycled scrap. Not always, artists could buy stuff I suppose, but putting together junk to make appealing sculpture is just crazy good.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster made a series of shadow casts out of junk. It didn’t really have an assemblage feeling to it, but the final result gave it an impressive visual and huge validity from a recycling sense. Simply.. from trash comes beauty.

There does seem to be a lot of ‘junk’ sculptures with doll parts. I guess a lot of people have them left over from childhood. They’re not so fun to see, but then again, the machine deity in The Matrix was a big babies head, or at least a twisted vision of a cherub.

I’ve been checking the Cyberpunk Database for information about this genre and inspiration. I loved Deus Ex, half-life, syndicate wars, blade runner, and the matrix is in my top 5 movies, maybe even number 3. I think it’s that futuristic VR addicted society, controlled by corporations feeding mindless unemployed drones strange drugs, in a neon light filled biosphere that captivates me to no end.

I’m not huge on the whole biopunk stuff like H.R.Gigers alien. I mean it’s still hugely impressive, taking the gas mask to a whole new level being implanted, but I somehow prefer futuristic body modification and nano technology taking over humanities very actions.

We all talk about the future of humanity if AI starts running businesses and the basic operations of life. I too ponder this question frequently. It will certainly benefit all of us, we don’t have to work them warehouse jobs no more, and we can have a lot more opportunity. With everything however, where is the control, who is running it and why?

I guess the real fear is that some kind of dystopian mess will arrive with this harnessed intelligence, and that’s the unknown, and that’s the creative unknown too. Personally, I don’t think AI will be here any time soon, and it won’t be anywhere near like we imagine. The gradual improvement of industrial processes is more realistic. If it did suddenly explode, it could be ridiculous and change things on a societal level, but the singularity and it’s intelligence is probably going to disappear into it’s own simulated universe like in the film HER.  (Side note, also similar to why we see no no alien species. Maybe they’ve got to a pinnacle of existence and living out possibilities in virtual reality. Humanity could be one of those possibilities that they’re trying out. Yeah we are not even real. Or at least this isn’t the base universe.)

If I had a better computer, i’d probably play the latest thing, Observer 2017. It looks very movie focused, with apparently terrible gameplay, but yeah, i’d play it for the cyberpunk element.

This kind of digital art is something I admire too. Mixing elements of 3D game assets of Rutger Hauer and rather well places tubing mechanisms. It’s just a beautiful style.

I’ve been obsessed recently by dieselpunk sculptures, kind of similar to steampunk and cyberpunk. Each of these ‘punk’ genres occur when humanity gets hooked on one sort of technology and focuses on that in a completely different universe to our own. Steampunk takes modern technology back to the 1900’s and dieslpunk takes the 1970’s mechanisms further. Cyberpunk is of course 20++ technology, and thats the last thing i’d like to mention, cyberpunk assemblage. Tying both elements of my post together.

These insect robots by Tamsin Rose are great. I want to replicate them in some way. I haven’t quite decide what to do yet, but I have gathered supplies ready to sculpt.