This section is a static blog of thoughts and ramblings collated over the years. I will discuss many things that bother me, and the things we must conquer in order to get closer to some semblance of a utopian society. Most of the things I talk about are common sense, but some might be seen as a bit wacky.

I have always been fascinated by philosophy and religion from a very young age, and extremely interested in the fantasy world. I have always put off writing it. The biggest reason I decided to start writing is because I adore putting ideas down on paper and seeing what becomes of them.

I am a digital artist, and English teacher. I have worked in a variety of environments, in offices, warehouses, shops, and outdoors. Every job that I have ever had, I continue to feel out of place. I am out of place being a foreigner, I feel out of place in jobs and I feel out of place in society. Having always felt different has had a massive impact on my self-esteem, but being where I am now feels refreshing, and being defined as an outsider rather than just feeling it back home is actually quite interesting.

I hope that if you read any of my articles, they have perhaps changed your perception about life in some small way. I am always open to a discussion on any particular arguement, or anything about art. Contact me.