Self Portrait 2018 Death
Making a self portrait is an extremely difficult challenge as an artist. It's something that can develop style, use of colours, textures and brush stroke techniques. I have attempted a few different self portraits that try to capture my mood or something that I am thinking about. I adore using vibrant colours in my paintings, and I admire abstraction, so these are two areas that I try to include in my self portraits.

Personally I struggle getting the shape of the face correct, and the location of the eyes and nose. I use reference photos, mirrors and different painting styles to help with this.

The self portrait on the left is called "Death", I managed to paint a happy version of my internal self. Something that I imagined back in early 2018. Essentially I was playing with colouring and overlays, but I am pleased with the final result. It's dark and a bit mysterious, similar to how I think. The painting is not as colourful and interesting as some of the other things that I make, but I still think it's one of my favorite self portraits to date. I especially like how my face overlays my skull.
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