These vibrant and colourful portraits show the joy and excitement of childhood and life. Through the use of a rich and brightly multicoloured palette, the fascination during childhood is re-imagined to be invigorating and vividly beautiful. During the earliest years of life everything is interesting and compelling, filled with such wonder and happiness. Using a combination of intense chromatic colours, striking white backgrounds, and psychedelic abstraction hopefully you can see the excited captivated bursts of thought from children. When painting these vibrant and rainbow themed 'imaginationscapes' I try to visualize what the child is thinking of. Perhaps their favorite toy, food, or activity like colouring or swimming. Even simple things like looking out of the window during a morning sunrise is entrancing during childhood because of all of the exciting things waiting to discover outside. I developed this style to celebrate infancy and to make use of psychedelic painting styles that I have experimented with before.

If you want a painting of your family in this style contact me, and we can discuss your project.
Elation Amused Enchantment
Creative Minds Promise Lucienne
Fascination Imaginarium Rainbow Dreams
Cascade Shimmer Jubilant
Adoration Cheer Delight