Chengdu Bridge
A collection of paintings to show the beauty of China. One of my ambitions is to create a series of landscapes and dreamscapes of China, that really capture the emotion and feelings of some of the most interesting vistas and street scenes of this wonderful nation. I find China to be very grand, elegant, vibrant, everything is huge, roads go for miles, buildings are massive, the scale just does not compare to the rather minuscule size of Europe. The countryside is fantastic in China, and I find both the rural and urban landscapes very beautiful, each with it's own feel.

I have a great deal of respect for China because it has offered me hope, it has given me a chance to become something I would never have been in another place and time. The people have a great respect for foreigners, and I want to show my friends, family and people of the world how stunning China really is. I often find myself wide eyed and captivated at the sheer beauty of different things in China, the jade green waters of GuiLin, the gorgeous agricultural developments and the almost overwhelming feeling of apartment after apartment after apartment. Everything is beautiful here, and I hope you can see that in my paintings.
Embankment The Complex Daytime
Street Passing Lagoon Pathway Shanghai Skyline
Wild Growth BaoZi GuiLin Jade Feel
Temple Town Sky Scrapers The Alleyway ChengDu Green
By the River GuiLin River DishuiHu My Home Town
ChengDu is Lovely Crazy Mountain 9 Summit
BeiJing Phoenix BeiJing Power A Bush Beyond
JiuZhaiGou Colourful Pond Monolithic Is That Legal?
Ghosts Watch Adventure Cars Super Busy Street Food
Which way should i go? XianJu Tx The Tuck Shop
Woodland Development Strawberry Street Market
GuiLin Tempest Shenzhen Sign Farm Path
Sunrise Sunset 250 Willow Trees A Vision of China
Street food Skyline The Walk to School Lunar Night
Autumn Industrial Development China at Night
Absorption Grey Day Pond
The Dentist Into the Compound China in Neon
To the Internet Bar Down the Street View from the Window
Early Riser Street View Sometimes it just rains
View to Mountain City High Speed Remote Village
Fireworks Ray Ray Wide and Narrow Alley Metro Stress
The Art Room Morning Street Night Market
Pollution Returns Proper Narrow Alley Memorial
Shanghai Suburban Port Through the Trees Telecomm Street
Around the Perimeter ebike Those Rental Bikes
hongyadong entrance Dusk in the City
Something in the air Avenue Going to Work
Clearing Progress Oranges
Starbucks Iron Like Temple Street Shimmer Lights
Balcony Temple District Hotel Snapshot
This is an ongoing collection that is constantly being updated.