Koi Plant
I love painting flowers for the colours and the way they look. Making something abstract but beautiful out of green grasses and flowery buds is really exciting. Super bright stems, highly saturated looking plants and vibrant flower heads is my main focus when I paint colourful flowers. There is something really fun and satisfying about developing the composition of flower bunches. I try to combine an intense colour palette and collage effects when painting flowers, usually, but not always on a white background.

Adding brush strokes, smudging and colour manipulation, makes the flowers come to life. When combining, rotating and warping colours, shapes, and other elements several times, whilst using different lighting effects and image manipulation, I am able to create unique and attractive blossoms.

I really hope that you like my flowers as much as I do making them. If you wish to commission your own bunch for a card or a canvas print, please contact me. I am currently working on oil paintings of flowers if you want to see more of a traditional approach.
Trip Foil Flourishing Rapture False Chromatic Rose
Gladiolus Blast Sunflower Burst Harlequin Daisy
Carnation Valley Gladiolus Bloom Ixora Sunrise
Thousand Petal Enjoyment Marching Jester Mistake Petal
Flower for Cice Bliss Foil False Pink Rose
Going the Distance Magical Pod Scattered Wisdom
A Jar Lovely Day Psy Bucket
Tansy Lace Flower Chromatic Golden Glow Rainbow Thistle
Rainbow Psy Flowers Floral Outbreak Darling Ink Plant
Strawberry Pom Poms Glass of Flowers Wild Flowers
Dragon Nightmare Flower Power of the sun Flower fragmentosis
Mindful Bloom Reactions Sunflower Haze
Focused Bunch Sea Drinker Ambrosia
Riverside Bloom Glass Edged Flowers Wrapped Bunch
Spiked Assortment Glitch Blossom Egg Yellows
Rabbit Flower Tinpot Purple Flower Ah
Dried Jeweled Bunch Mental Bouquet
Leviathan Bloom Amber Arrangement Water Vase
Plentiful Chaos Garden Cosmos Serious Water Vase
Rainbalil Mystical Tree Flowers of the Warp
Arrangement A Blend of Roses Nightshade
Cosmic Flower Plantsss Dragonias
Gem Flowers Wilfs A Bunch
White Moth Orchid Rose Of Twisted