Here is the main catalogue of my paintings that have been placed on the ETH block chain via Mintable. Each piece is unique and follows my thoughts and feelings when I read personally chosen news articles. Each artwork has a variable cost depending on my opinion and the current demand for my paintings.

My work has no affiliation with any news outlets or the journalists involved in writing editorials. I create one of a kind pieces of art based on the impressions I have, and thoughts associated with what I read and think about.

Each painting is spontaneous and exclusive. They cannot be recreated without serious effort. I use a lot of painterly techniques and artistic flare to create my vision, based on mood and meditation. With it comes a little bit of history. For that one brief moment you were there, reading an article and thinking how it is possible that a painter came up with such a beautiful albeit eccentric design.

You are welcome to look at the mintable listing by clicking the catalogued entry. If you want to contact me, please do by getting hold of me on my contact page.

The Kobsil Collective

Neak Settler

The Illuminated Cliss


The Weavers of Suocuo





Qen Ancient

Plaqse Hatchery

Orohnah Medusa