My Celestial Quality paintings are of an extraordinary distinction, that I personally think look extremely beautiful, and have something above and beyond a normal painting. Perhaps it is the journey I made when painting it, the visual story attached to the piece, or just a feeling that gives it a reason to be more valuable. The price is approximately 10 times more than a normal quality painting. Meaning over $1000 US. The time spent making my art is not equivalent in anyway to the value. Some of my best paintings are complete in a few hours, and some of my worst paintings I can spend days ruining. For example, I believe that my first Celestial Quality painting, #17 Little Huhly, took me around 2 hours to paint, (Plus 20+ years learning of course) and he is just something special. The visual story fits nicely and everything falls into place for me.

As a buyer you could have a completely different opinion on which one of my visitor paintings have a special energy, so let me know.

Celestial Quality paintings are 1/20. Meaning that only one in every twenty creations will become celestial, and this is "if" the painting passes a certain finesse that can only be felt by me as the artist. Perhaps they are not as good as some of the other paintings overall, but at the time, they tick all the boxes and become Celestial Quality paintings.

Deja Vu

Xemus Siorr

Hicini Delegation


Little Huhly