The Crystal Collector
From the darkest depths of the labyrinth lurk creatures crafted out of pure darkness. With an other worldly visage that terrifies all that behold their presence, the demons cast an indignant shadow. Skeletal forms and stoic revenants decay through cavernous planes. Death and destruction is cast by omniscient magicians, and blood courses into the desolate voids of a vampires chest.

My demonic nightmares are paintings made to represent a state of change. As dark as they seem, death is absolutely not the end. By manipulating photos of random objects, pictures of the dead, and other disturbing imagery my nightmare paintings become real. They often appear during a particular state of mind. Not necessarily say depressed or sad, but enlightened.

Using a number of different painterly techniques I am able to create unique nightmarescapes. Often by mixing somber colour palettes with bright ones, alternating different painting tricks, and adding ethereal textures. One of my main goals is to create a representation of death and despair.
Forever Death Baron Sanguineus The Pontiff of Bees
Sacrament of Finality Mr. Shard Upon Time
Mortash the Pale Patricia the Stitcher Babegos in the Smokeroom
The king of nowhere particular Calistas Garden Mask of Despair
Cardinal of Embers The Darkest Mage Needlezerker
Mr. Rothschild Shade of Lyx Forge Crystal Death
Nervous Split Ghoul of Fex Elongated Visage
Taok Headache Medusas Refuge
The Wretched The Reader Icon
The Keeper Nurse Angelica Lady of the Veil
Innardly The Aspect Veil
Hole in the head Brother Felix Khellan - Harvester of Disquiet
Anarkan Degenerator of Souls Attic Ghist Grotesquer
Sidara Princess of Blood Second Sight Feeding time in hell
Despair Anguished Fiend The Vault Keeper
Ghast Meteorite Soul Eater Nourish
The Depths XelZyx Sands of Time Nameless
Moppet Poppet The brain that wouldnt die Ascension
Ornithophobia Shock True Fear
Cosmic Oddity Mgortoh Moth The Shade
They Landed on the Fucking Shores Orchid Wolf Insanity