The Messy House
The Messy House - Cover
The Messy House is a 30 page adventure book packed with lots of things to find, and a few activities to do along the way. From writing exercises to a neat little wordsearch, a finger maze and some colouring pages. After you meet Bluebell the crow she takes you to visit to a very messy house. Each room has lots of things to spot and toward the end of the book even more challenges when you meet the Iron Crow, and his difficult to find puzzles.

You can practice simple vocabulary in the beginning. Where objects are, and prepositions like ’the apples are in the fridge’. As you advance through the book you can find more and more complex objects that require a bit more conversational skill. Bluebell and The Messy House can help you to practice English in a really fun and engaging way. If not, it doesn't matter, just find and point at things!

I really enjoyed making this book and will do similar work in the future. The style is in a clean and honest vector format. Perhaps it cries out for more textured linework and painterly technique, but the insane amount of items perhaps demanded a more simple design.
The Hallway The Dining Room The Utility Room
The Conservatory The Office The Kitchen

If you are interested in publishing any of my books, or want to discuss art direction for your project, please let me know. Children’s books, children’s English, and illustrative art are my passion. The colourful styles, whacky stories, and cutesy characters are fairly unique amongst story books, and hopefully the pictures come across as meaningful, funny and good entertainment for the whole family. I avoid political content or anything overtly rude. I would consider these subjects for work, although I try to keep offensive material down to toilet humor, poop and snot, which kids find hilarious.