Toots and her lost fruits Rob the Slob Loves a Cob Beans English Alphabet
The Hungry Pirates of Black Fish Cove The Hungry Pirates of Black Fish Cove MAP Alien Alphabet
Zombie English 1 - Beginnings Zombie English 2 - Survival Wise Willow

If you are interested in publishing any of my books, or want to discuss art direction for your project, please let me know. Children’s books, children’s English, and illustrative art are my passion. The colourful styles, whacky stories, and cutesy characters are fairly unique amongst story books, and hopefully the pictures come across as meaningful, funny and good entertainment for the whole family. I avoid political content or anything overtly rude. I would consider these subjects for work, although I try to keep offensive material down to toilet humor, poop and snot, which kids find hilarious.

Phonics Books

Abby has a map Abby's jam Abby's hat
Eric gets wet Rainbow Phonics 1

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