Inquisitor Uhmea
The dark and mysterious universe seems like a barren abyss, but it cannot be so bleak and empty. We can imagine that there is someone else out there. If a competitive consciousness exists then sentience must surely follow. It would be naive of us to believe that we are the highest level of intelligence at play. Therefore as we look further afield, we have to stay open-minded and humble.

Enter the visitors. Vastly superior to us in scientific discovery, mathematic computation and specialized theorem. They each have a long and rich history of their own, with a deep devotion to the understanding of life. A curious trusting mentality could lead to a wonderful future of trade and philosophy with them. We just have to remember to stay genuine, honest and interested.

Technological advancement, sentient lifeforms, simulation, diverse religions, politics, and strange new worlds are some of the themes that I explore when creating the visitors. Our consciousness and our universe could be layered much deeper into something else. Perhaps the visitors can kindly show us what that is.
Talqlustae Ebqoid Aurath
plaglue Zikh Transverser Mind Flare
chyttrfi Geologist Zaedhe Qen Ancient
Ythomsa Little Huhly Electro Qyse
Qulohmn Cluster of Caebts quapael
Issiam Gubb Trip Orohnah Medusa
Cycloptic Cleln Pixiomn The Illuminated Cliss
Lorpmtua Kobsil Collective Ssynsekh
Neak Settler Troekem Pheohmlphae
Plaqse Hatchery Reptilian Fluodonst Stokhi
Xyrupt The Weavers of Suocuo Wrym of Ascension
Ezzom Engine Marble Tomunn The Darkness of Pitoya
Cybernosis Muydhy Openvosix
Akek Psycher Gardener Kejax Trip Akx
Amplicator The Doan of Foresight Neo Bue
Flood of Empath Buawap Drastayx
Entity of Cleik Virgil Golem of Spirax
Mr. Mitlac Ulae Capitalist Councillor
Ambassador Crackmar Qhaal Chameleon Berquots
Jack Wiseman Librarian Kral
Minister Knitoaka Regal Owner Elyquin Muse
Isoich Psycher Duenuethek Muoek Caller
Slufluorqae Gluamsooks Vapes Alsoph Lech
Nebula Junker Solar Engineer Volatile Astral Monolith
Admiral Dhaak Guardians of Division Bafugo
Zygan Oukaxil Smol Envoy
Methos Amua Kinship Commissioner Teldrik
Meidda Vessel Energy Being
9t5 Message Recieved Delegate 58
in the hands of giants Knarf Haalthani
Emergence Operators Theran
Qhosox Magel Jacks Friend
Representative Enrith Metropolis Centre The Elder
Necrine Engine Oten the Keeper The Speaker
Helmet Visitors From Screps Spindlar
Midel Ballo Tribal Hegu Twin Consciousness